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Yoga Classes That Work For Everyone & Anyone

Allen Baca puts together a yoga class full of laughter, fun and fitness.  These Adaptive Yoga classes focus on bringing sensation to body without the worry of how you look.

These classes are made for everyone especially those with mobility restrictions, looking to add a little more yoga, fitness and well-being into their life. 

About Adaptive Yoga

What is Adaptive Yoga?

"Yoga is not about what the pose looks like - Yoga is about what the pose feels like." - Allen Baca

Adaptive Yoga is for anyone with mobility restrictions, including physical disabilities such as partial or total paralysis, limb amputation, spinal cord injury, severe arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy or anything that would discourage someone attending a traditional yoga class.

This is often the only place where people with disabilities can feel included, safe, and confident in their bodies and minds.

I provide an atmosphere for the student to experience yoga without a threat to their dignity.

"Yoga is not about what the pose looks like. Yoga is about what the pose feels like."- Allen Baca


Yoga Instructor:

Allen Baca

I am a Colorado native who loves the outdoors - mountain biking, hiking, camping…  I also enjoy cars and fixing them up; I do not think of myself as a true “gear head”, but I do have several projects that fill my garage.


My yoga journey began in 2009, when a friend asked me to attend a class.  My only yoga experience prior to this was as a kid; while I was waiting to watch Sesame Street on PBS I would catch snippets of Lilias, Yoga and You   I will admit my first class would have been my last class if it were not for a friend telling me I should not judge yoga based off this one class, there are other styles of yoga.  She promised I would find a style that spoke to me – she was right.

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