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Adaptive Yoga

Principals of Adaptive Yoga

Allow the student to experience sense of presence and connection throughout their body regardless of one’s disabilities or neurological limitations.


“…a good yoga instructor will get you to touch your toes; a great instructor will remove the desire…” 
How Yoga Works


We are not here to FIX anyone

No one is broken


Yoga is in EVERY BODY, we are here to reveal it.


Conditions of safety must be met in order for Yoga to happen.

  • Always choose safety first

  • Get to know your students

  • Follow medical restrictions of each student

  • Remind students they do not have to do every pose

  • It is not what the pose looks like, it is what the pose feels like. We look for sensation/s

  • The instructor adapts NOT the student

  • Adjusting the class to fit the student/s

  • Be cognizant of your own safety

  • If you are not safe in your own body, you can injure your student and yourself


What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?


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