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I am a Colorado native who loves the outdoors - mountain biking, hiking, camping…  I also enjoy cars and fixing them up; I do not think of myself as a true “gear head”, but I do have several projects that fill my garage.


My yoga journey began in 2009, when a friend asked me to attend a class.  My only yoga experience prior to this was as a kid; while I was waiting to watch Sesame Street on PBS I would catch snippets of Lilias, Yoga and You   I will admit my first class would have been my last class if it were not for a friend telling me I should not judge yoga based off this one class, there are other styles of yoga.  She promised I would find a style that spoke to me – she was right.

After 6 years of practicing, I felt the need to learn more about yoga.  After doing a lot of research, quizzing all the yoga instructors I knew, in 2015 I decided to obtain my 200hr Yoga Teaching certificate.  I never intended to teach; however, an instructor in the teacher training program, and later my mentor, encouraged me to become an instructor, specifically in adaptive yoga.  Once that seed was planted, I found myself being pulled into the joy of sharing my knowledge with others.

In my thirst for knowledge, I attained my 500hr certification; I looked all over the United States for an adaptive based 300hr training, sadly there is not one, I did find the best training that fit my adaptive yoga focus it geared towards yoga therapy.

I began by helping teach adaptive yoga to persons with disabilities.  This form of practice really resonated with me, coming from a background of having several injuries and limitations of my own.


I emphasize in my classes that poses will look and feel different to every student: it is not what the pose looks like, more importantly, it is what it feels like.  The goal is to achieve sensation.


Why Do I Teach Yoga?

To make yoga available to everybody, yoga is in EVERY BODY, and it is my desire to help them find it within themselves.  

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